RUMOR: Google Looking Into Going Into The Gaming Console Business

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Google could possibly be trying to get serious about getting into the gaming service. Rumors have surfaced that Google has a project under the code name: “Yeti”. The rumors on the project suggest that the company may be developing a cloud base specifically for the system in question.

Yeti’s servers would stream games online over the internet instead of running them locally, allowing the games to run in weaker hardware such as Google’s Chromecast. Yeti is currently in its early stages, but other companies are already showing interests in the development of Google’s new system, companies like Nvidia and Sony have offered their own game-streaming services.


But like any projects under blueprint, Google is having problems finding anyone who is willing to back them up whole heartily backs them up on and remains dependable on the development. It will remain a mystery on how Google will fix this problem.

To help with Yeti Google hired former Xbox and PlayStation executive, Phil Harrison. Harrison had spent 15 years with Sony and 3 with Microsoft. He has now announced how proud he was too starry his new role as Vice president and GM of Google. He had shown off the hardware demo for the PlayStation 3 and has also worked at Microsoft Game Studios. This seems to be a great addition and for sure a great boost for Google getting into the Gaming Console Industry.

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