‘AQUAMAN’ Solo Film Might See Jason Momoa In Comic Accurate Costume 

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The upcoming Aquaman movie may finally find star Jason Momoa suited up in just the right shades of green and gold.

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman costume has been on a journey. From the initial Batman v Superman reveal, where he was clothed in almost exclusively grey, to his mixed green and gold suit from Justice League. But if you still weren’t quite satisfied, there’s mounting evidence his next outfit my be ripped from the pages of the comics.

Reportedly, a recent Warner Bros licensing event showed off Aquman’s look for his movie, and it’s “exactly” like the “modern comics version”. In case you’re wondering what he looks like in the comics nowadays, he basically just looks like Aquaman. But if it really did follow this design perfectly, it would be a big upgrade from even his Justice League look. The gloves were missing and the gold and green were intermingled, as opposed to an exclusively gold shirt and exclusively green pants.

Aquaman rebirth

This isn’t the first evidence of a more accurate version of the costume showing up in Aquaman. It would make sense for this to be spotted again at a licencing event if the report is true, as previous early looks at merchandise supports it. An action figure showed up a little while ago sporting a costume looking, you guessed it, right out of the comics.

Aquaman action figure

We actually already have our first official look at Aquaman in the movie, but he’s just shirtless and wearing normal pants. Director James Wan’s vision already seems to be taking a simpler, more comic-inspired aesthetic for Aquaman’s wife, Mera, so an update for Arthur Curry himself wouldn’t be a stretch either.

Do you want to see a comic-accurate outfit, or is that too cheesy? Prefer his Justice League threads? Let us know at SuperBroMovies.

Aquaman releases December 21, 2018.

Weston Sheffield

Source: The Aquaman Shrine 


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