Concept Art From ‘Justice League Mortal’ Reveals Black Suit Superman, Batman, & More!

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Justice League was released last year to the disappointment of many fans. A major source of the disappointment was the fact that after his resurrection Superman didn’t wear his black suit. Justice League Mortal was a canceled film that was well into pre-production before being given the ax due to the writer’s strike at the time. Fans have wondered about what the film would be like for some time now, and with some released concept art, it reveals that this justice league movie would have delivered on the black suit.

Superman was to wear the suit to Batman’s funeral after the caped crusader fakes his death. We’ll never know how Justice League Mortal would have turned out but if the concept art we’ve been seeing from Matt Hatton is any indication the film could have been terrific.

These two pieces take place inside the fortress of solitude where Superman has moved his childhood home.

Finally, we see Batman watching his funeral from a distance.

The films concept art truly looks like we could have been given something truly special had it been made. Make sure you tweet us your thoughts on the concept art for the film at @SuperBroMovies!

Source: Matt Hatton via Heroic Hollywood


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