‘Paddington’ Director Paul King In Talks To Reboot ‘WILLY WONKA’ For Warner Bros

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The director who specializes in bringing wholesomeness and all-ages appeal back to kids’ movies might be unremitting Willy Wonka  to screens.

Paul King, director of the Paddington movies, is in talks with Warner Bros to direct Willy Wonka, a reimagining of Rohald Dahl’s beloved children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The script was written by Simon King (Inside Out), and Paddington producer David Heyman is set to produce. The script is apparently being kept tightly under wraps. This would be the third apadtation of the novel, after the 1971 classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder and Tim Burton’s 2005 remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp.

Paul King

The idea of a third Chocolate Factory movie may sound fatiguing to some, but Paul King is the man for the job if there ever was one. He imbues the Paddington films with a simple kind of joy, and with an original script to back it up, it could be something really special. The fact it’s being billed as a “reimagining” rather than a straight remake means it could deviate from the model of the previous adaptations. Warner Bros is said to be hoping this new movie will spark a franchise, one that will “stand out artistically”.

What do you think of this potential new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Are you intrigued or disinterested? First go see Paddington 2, in theaters now, and then let us know what you think at SuperBroMovies.

Weston Sheffield

Source: THR  


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