Fox Hires Tim Miller and Brian Michael Bendis for X-MEN Project Titled ‘143’

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Twentieth Century Fox has teamed up Deadpool director Tim Miller and writer Brian Michael Bendis to create a secret X-Men project that has been given the name 143, according to Deadline. Bendis will write up the script and Miller will direct the movie that has been confirmed to be set in the X-Men universe.

Anyone unfamiliar with Bendis will definitely know some of the characters he’s created. He’s responsible for the creation of Miles Morales as well as Jessica Jones. Bendis took a Marvel hiatus and went to DC for a bit, but upon this project, will be making his return to Marvel.

Miller is in pre-production for the next installment in the Terminator franchise, but the Deadpool director will be making his return to Marvel for 143! The project is in full secrecy as of now but I have a hunch the two will create a great film. What do you think they’re making?! Let us know over at SuperBroMovies!


143 is confirmed to be the Kitty Pryde solo film that Collider reported Miller was working last month. The title is likely a nod to X-Men #143, which is a Kitty Pryde centric issue. Miller will direct the project while Bendis will pen the script.

– JB Baker

Source – Deadline


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