‘BLACK LIGHTNING’ S1Ep05 “And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light” Recap/Review

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After the introduction of Freeland’s newest drug Green Light, Jefferson Pierce continues to search for the supplier.

This week’s episode starts off with Black Lightning testing out a new application in his suit that gives him the ability to fly using is electric powers. After a couple of test runs, Black Lightning seems to have the hang of it. He uses his newfound skills by preventing police officers from shooting a boy under the influence of Green Light by shocking him into submission.


Meanwhile, Gambit gets an unexpected visitor in his shop. It is revealed Gambit and Tobias struck a deal. Gambit keeps his silence on Tobias Whale being alive in exchange, Tobias stays away. The conversation also revealed Tobias has some kind of medicine that gives him the ability to never age.  Tobias then demands to know who is Black Lightning. Gambit denies any involvement with Black Lightning and warns him again to stay away.

Black Lightning soon finds a warehouse full of chemicals and interrogates the man who owns the property. After pulling a shotgun on Black Lightning, the man proudly exclaims, “killing a wanted black man would make me a hero.” The man quickly submits to Black Lightning after shocking him. He then confirms the chemicals are for the drug Green Light and gives him the name Joey Toledo.

After hearing the name Joey Toledo, Jefferson now believes Tobias is still alive. Jefferson confronts a nervous Gambi about his speculations until Jefferson passes out due to overusing his powers. (Kind of like a power outage) A concerned Lynn and Gambi warn Jefferson to slow down his use of power.

Meanwhile, Anissa investigated her grandfather, Alvin Pierce’s death. With no help from her dad or David Poe, a coworker of her grandfather, Anissa does her own digging. She finds some articles written by Alvin about vaccines that give people superhuman abilities.

While this is happening Jennifer goes out with her friends to a skating rink to have some much-needed fun. While there, two girls come up to Jennifer harassing her about her boyfriend Khalil. A fight breaks out resulting in Jennifer breaking one of the girls’ arms resulting in serious consequences.

By the end of the episode, Jefferson finds Joey Toledo and tries to get the answers he’s looking for. Unfortunately, Jefferson’s powers start to act all wonky again, giving Toledo the chance to escape. Toledo basically confirms Tobias Whale is alive and he should be very afraid.

Black Lightning gave us some of the answers we were looking for in this week’s episode.

The connection between Gambit and Tobias got a little bit clearer but we still don’t know how they came to be. I’m interested to see how that story goes. I would like to see some flashbacks for them. Anissa homemade costume looked like it was a lot of fun to create. I liked how she wanted to use bright colors. The wig was a nice touch, she just needs a mask.

Last week I discussed how little information the Green Light drug we got. We still haven’t gotten much for this week’s episode but with Anissa investigating on superhuman vaccines, I’m sure we’ll get a lot more in the episodes to come.

Rating 9/10

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Black Lightning is on The CW every Wednesday at 9/8c.


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