‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’ Figures Offer A Better Look At Thor And Captain America’s New Weapons

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With the release of Marvel Studios new film Avengers: Infinity War drawing ever closer we are due to see many of our favorite characters in all new looks. With these new costumes also come a number of new weapons especially for both Thor and Captain America who have lost their iconic hammer and shield. We have recently has a look at both of their new weapons, but a new release of toys have since gives us our best look yet.

thor and captain america.PNG

As you can see the toys come with both Captain America’s new shield and Thor’s new ax. Whats interesting is that the ax looks much larger than was previously thought. In fact even though the ax seems to be inspired mainly from ultimate Mjolnir in the comics, the long handle greatly resembles his ax Jarnborn. Not much is too new about Cap’s Wakandan sheild but it does appear to be a bit smaller than the one featured in the Marvel Legends set. It will be interesting if the new sheild comes with any new functions in Infinity War.

It will be very interesting to see our favorite heroes suit up with all these new weapons, and how they will change their presence in the film’s fight scenes. For now though we will have to wait for the film’s release to see them in action.

How do you like Thor and Captain America’s new weapons? Let us know what you think at SuperBroMovies on Twitter! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Freak and Geek


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