‘NIGHTWING’ Director Wants Signature White Eyes/Lenses Look

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It has always been talked about but never completely accomplished. The signature white eyes that we see on our favorite heroes in the comics and shows has never been seen in its full glory on the big screen. It has been desired but no one has really done it. We saw a tad bit of the effect on Batman’s armored suit in Batman v. Superman but whilst in his normal suit, it was just Affleck’s normal eyes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 5.08.13 PM.png

We may finally get the signature look once Chris McKay’s Nightwing comes out. It has been shown that the director, like many fans, is an advocate for the white eyes on the heroes. A fan took to the platform of Twitter to express his wishes towards McKay and said the following:

Whatever costume they keep or go with, can we all agree that white eyes or lenses needs to be a staple going forward with a live action Bat Family? 

Many were pleased with his simple response. Check out the tweet below as well as the fan’s full request to see what McKay had to say:


There has been no real news on the Nightwing movie as far as production of casting, but McKay has even gone to the platform to ask who who should portray the character. He really wants to please the fans. With time we will figure more and more out.

Now that we know he wants to see it, does this mean Nightwing will have his signature black mask with the bright white eyes? Sounds like it! Are you a fan of the white eye look or do you prefer the normal eyeball look? Let us know over at our twitter and stay tuned for future Nightwing news at SuperBroMovies!

– JB Baker

Source – Twitter


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