‘Nightwing’ Director in Talks for ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ at Paramount and Allspark Pictures

The Dungeons and Dragons film that has been rumored for some time finally has a director. Today it was announced via Variety that Chris McKay the director of The Lego Batman movie is in negotiations to film Dungeons and Dragons for Paramount and Allspark Pictures. McKay is currently one of the most coveted directors in Hollywood. He is also filming the Nightwing film for DC.

David Leslie Johnson has written a script for the film, but from reports, Micheal Gillio will be penning the script. Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis, Courtney Solomon and Allan Zeman of Hasbro via Sweetpea Entertainment and Roy Lee will produce. This will be the first film from Allspark Pictures, which launched in October. The company wants to be able to rival studios such as Marvel Studios.

Hasbro is sure to create more films based on their toys and properties. They are doing spinoffs of Transformers, and G.I. Joe 3. Dungeons and Dragons is an addition to these films. My Little Pony had a film last year, and they have many more properties that could gain films under Allspark Pictures. Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, Life, Hungry Hungry Hippos are all things under the Hasbro umbrella.

This film has been in development for a long time. Due to a lawsuit between Sweetpea and Hasbro about ownership of sequel rights, the film was delayed. The two companies came to an agreement in 2015 the Hasbro moved the project from Warner Bros to Paramount to Allspark after creating the company.

Chris McKay has been sought after for a few films. He gained the director’s chair for Warner Bros and DC’s Nightwing after The Lego Batman Movie. He’s the executive producer for The Lego Movie sequel. He seems to be having a very successful career, and a brighter future.

Rascal F. Kennedy

Source: Variety

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