‘NIGHTWING’ Director Chris McKay Confirms He Is Not Leaving The Project

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It was reported yesterday that The Lego Batman Movie director was being eyed to direct a Dungeons and Dragons film at Paramount. That led to rumors swirling that he may have left the upcoming Nightwing film and that the film was being placed on the backburner at Warner Brothers. Today, McKay put those rumors to rest.

McKay took to Twitter to announce that he had in fact not left Nightwing:


Director turnover is nothing new in Hollywood. Over the years, countless times directors have been fired, removed, or resigned but it’s become much more of a topic of conversation recently. The Zack Snyder situation is one that immediately comes to mind, even more recently we got news today that Joss Whedon had exited Batgirl, which is what was being discussed when McKay posted his tweet. So when a director signs onto a project that may conflict with another the speculation train leaves the station.

So it appears even if McKay ends up directing D&D, he still has every intention to be behind the camera when Nightwing begins filming. The veteran director has been very vocal about his love for the character so don’t expect to go anywhere anytime soon.

Are you excited to see Chris McKay’s take on Dick Grayson? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

Source: Twitter

Nightwing currently has no release date



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