Warner Bros. Reportedly Plan To Hire A Female Filmmaker For ‘BATGIRL’

News broke earlier today that Joss Whedon has stepped down from the Batgirl solo movie because he couldn’t get a solid story off the ground. He was brought on to the project in March of last year and shortly after took over directing duties of Justice League when Zack Snyder stepped down. With Joss out of the picture, many are hoping Warner Bros. will hire a female director to take over the project. This very well could be the case as sites are reporting WB is planning to do just that.

TheTrackingBoard reports that if the movie is still happening, Warner Bros. plan to hire a female director.

“Should the project movie move forward, Warner Bros. and new DC chief Walter Hamada plan to hire a female filmmaker for Batgirl”

Hiring a female director would be the best option for Warner Bros. at this point. Joss Whedon faced allegations from his ex-wife about his many affairs. This led to some distaste from fans about Joss and his role in directing Batgirl.

Having a female filmmaker for a female hero has also proven successful for WB with Wonder Woman‘s direction from Patty Jenkins. The film received all around critical praise and Jenkins became the highest paid female director in history.

A think having a female director for another strong female heroin is the best option should Warner Brothers decide to move forward with Batgirl. A great director like Greta Gerwig or Kathryn Bigelow could make the movie unique and not just another cliche superhero film.


Would you be excited to see a female director sign on to Batgirl? Let us know on Twitter @SuperBroMovies. -Caleb Sadd

Source – TTB


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