New ‘BATTLEFIELD’ Game Coming This Year, Will Be Playable at EA Play

A new Battlefield game is reported to be coming out later this year and will be unveiled in the coming months.

According to Gamespot, the game will be playable at EA Play 2018, which occurs just days before E3, the major gaming conference. Both conferences will take place in LA.

EA Play takes place June 9 through 11 and E3 2018 will begin on the 12th.

The most recent game in the franchise was Battlefield 1, taking players to World War I. Previous games include Battlefield Hardline (basically cops and robbers) and Battlefield 4, which has received mixed reviews. Battlefield 1 has been very successful with several expansion packs releasing after.


No news surrounding the new game has been announced yet, leaving players to speculate as to where (and when) this new game will take place.

Battlefield games are famous for their destruction, with Battlefield 4 having upped the ante with “Levolution,” major changes (sometimes player controlled) to the environment and gameplay dynamics, such as falling towers and harsh tropical storms.

However, EA has also been under fire recently for loot boxes and microtransactions in their games, with a major explosion online over Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

What do you think? Are you excited for a new Battlefield game? Where and when do you think the new game will take place? Let us know on Twitter!


Source: Gamespot

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