‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Won’t Get A Sequel, Studio Plans For Over 100 Operators Over 10 Years

With Rainbow Six Siege keeps continuing to build steam it looks like we might know more about the future of the game. Ubisoft has now released more information about future plans for additional operators for Rainbow Six Siege, with an increase in additional game modes. The studio also commented about how many operators their goal is for the games.

Rainbow Six Siege’s fan base has been racking up numbers over the years and is still growing, so far the game has reached a player count of 27 million. The Developers say there are no possible plans of there being a sequel. Instead, Ubisoft wants to support to Siege for another 10 years, with a goal of reaching 100 operators.


Director Alexander Remy has revealed that Ubisoft has big plans for the multiplayer based shooter, stating that Ubisoft wants to add in new game modes in hopes of greatly boosting the game’s roster between 50-100 operators. Currently at we have 36 playable operators, with year 3 around the corner bringing in 8 new operators. Year 3 will possibly unlock all operators 20 operators in the standard edition in the future.

Are you excited about this news? What do you think about the game potentially having over 100 operators? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @SBArcadeCornerPeter Grant

Source: Rainbow Six Invitational 2018 

Rainbow Six Siege is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

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