‘WONDER WOMAN 2’ Will Reportedly Include CHEETAH As Villain

After the mega-success of Wonder Woman, a sequel was greenlit very quickly, and rumors about the film’s plot and setting have been on the rise. A new report is now claiming that the famous DC villainess Cheeta will be featured in the upcoming film alongside Gal Gadot and others. We may also know who has passed on the role already, and she’s a fan favorite.

Image result for Barbara Ann Minerva

According to ThatHashtagShow, the film will reportedly include the version of the character where Barbara Ann Minerva, a British anthropologist, takes on the avatar of the Cheetah God. Furthermore, Emma Stone has apparently passed on the role already after being offered by Warner Bros. Wonder Woman 2 will apparently be taking the New 52 route with the villain, the third character to take over the mantle of Cheeta God.

The site also backs up the claims about the film being set in the 1980’s during the Cold War but also adds that Chris Pine, Ewen Bremner, and Said Taghmaoiu are set to return. How exactly they’ll be returning isn’t exactly clear, but I assume Chris Pine’s role as Steve Trevor won’t be much since his death in the first film.  The appearances of Ewen Bremner and Said Taghmaoiu are likely only cameos in a flashback, so the impact of their roles are likely minimal. If all of this is indeed true, it seems like it is, then I think fans are in for a treat with Wonder Woman 2.

If Emma Stone was offered the role, this means the studio is currently looking for an actress to fill the spot. So let us know who YOU want to see become the legendary Cheetah by tweeting at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez.

Source: ThatHashtagShow

Wonder Woman 2 is slated to hit theaters November 1, 2019.

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