A Mystery Character Will Be Added To ‘NEW MUTANTS’ During Reshoots

When New Mutants was announced, audiences were promised a horror movie within the X-Men Universe. The hype around the film began to grow after the teaser was released and received very positively. It was quickly becoming one of the most anticipated films of 2018 until it was delayed almost a year. That delay will include extensive reshoots which will be adding a mystery character.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Mutants will be growing through another round of photography that will include the addition of a new character. No other information regarding the topic was given so speculate as you feel fit.


Without any other information, it’s nearly impossible to predict who the mystery character may be. The X-Men comic catalog includes hundreds upon hundreds of heroes and villains which could be used in any number of ways.

It was reported following the news the film had been delayed that the reshoots were a result of the film not testing well enough. It was said that the movie wasn’t scary enough and the studio wanted to alter the direction of New Mutants following the success of films like IT.

Who do you think the mystery character could be? Let us know in the comments below? –Jackson Hayes

Source: THR

New Mutants is now set to release February 22, 2019 

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