‘BLACK LIGHTNING’ S1Ep06 “Three Sevens: “The Book of Thunder” Recap/Review

After a one week hiatus, Black Lightning returns with maybe the best episode of the season.


This week’s episode continues with the aftermath of last week’s episode. After a confrontation with Joey Toledo, Jefferson gets badly injured. Knowing this, Tobias Whale tips off Freeland’s police department to make sure he doesn’t survive the night. Gambi arrives just in time with the help of Lynn. Arriving back at Gambi’s shop, Jefferson tells Lynn he will get revenge for his father’s death by killing Tobias Whale. Gambi tries to reason with Jefferson claiming killing is what separates him from Tobias. Jefferson ignores Gambi and continues his seek for revenge.

Meanwhile, Anissa gets arrested again for protesting, this time a Confederate statue. Jefferson bails her out which leads to another heated discussion about how dangerous protesting can be. Anissa not backing down states the Confederate statue needs to be taken down because it serves as a reminder of a controversial period in U.S. history. Just like Jefferson predicted, the protest turns violent, A white nationalist drives his car into the protesters near the statue, injuring dozens of people. Anissa comes back to the Confederate statue in her sparkling costume and destroys with her superhuman strength.


While Anissa seeks justice, Jennifer is facing some tough times at Garfield High. Turns out the fight between Jennifer and one of her classmates from last week was bigger than expected. Jennifer is getting bullied by her fellow classmates, claiming she wants to be white. Jennifer’s boyfriend, Khalil, joins in on the shade calling her “Becky” on Instagram. After confronting Khalil, Khalil claims that Jennifer was the reason he’s in the wheelchair in the first place.

Jefferson is making progress on finding Tobias Whale in this episode. After some research, Jefferson finds the doctor who treats Tobias’s albinism. It took a lot of convincing but Jefferson was able to coerce the doctor to help him by setting up a checkup the following night.

Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder

Jefferson arrives at the doctor’s office waiting for Tobias to make an appearance. Gambi watches through Black Lightning’s body camera until Jefferson shuts it off. Gambi patches Lynn through Jefferson’s earpiece to convince him not to go through with his plan. Just as Black Lightning was about to attack, Lynn hears someone breaking into her lab. Jefferson immediately leaves hoping to get to Lynn in time.

It’s not Jefferson who gets there first. Anissa shows up in her sparkling costume to reveal her secret when she finds Lynn tied by two of Lady Eve’s henchmen. Making quick work with the henchmen, Anissa tries to untie Lynn when Black Lightning walks in. Thinking Anissa was the attacker, Black Lightning attacks Anissa. Anissa holding up her own in the fight, managed to block off Black Lightning attacks and give him a little preview of her powers until Black Lightning regains control and knocks her out. Jefferson then realizes it was Anissa and she has powers. Lynn immediately blames him for Anissa’s powers, thus making their relationship even more strain. The episode ends with Anissa waking up to seeing Jefferson still in his Black Lightning costume.

This Black Lightning episode maybe CW’s best yet.

Black Lightning continues its theme of integrating serious social issues into the city of Freeland. Corrupt officers, white nationalist, and black stereotypes were the themes of this week’s episode. The script was so well written.

There were no flashbacks of Gambi and his involvement with Tobias but it looks like Gambi has made allies with everybody in Freeland. Some would say Gambi has Jefferson’s best interest at heart. I personally think he is a wild card and can flip on anybody at any time. His involvement with every major character does not look good. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gambi gets attacked soon.

The best fight sequence of the season was between Black Lightning and Anissa. Shocker right? I wasn’t sure how Anissa secret would be revealed, but I am glad it came out this way. Lynn doesn’t look too happy to see another person she loves has superpowers. I think Jefferson doesn’t like the idea either. He has already confronted her about her being involved in protests. Neither Jefferson nor Lynn wants to see their children get hurt. But like Jefferson, Anissa first love is justice.

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