SPECULATION: Danny Rand May Be Gettting His Iconic Suit In ‘IRON FIST’ Season 2

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This year is stacking up to be the year of Marvel with the continuing success of Black Panther and the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War. But Marvel is also dominating the world of television with their Netflix Original series. But what could be the most interesting of the series currently is actually the most divisive of the shows, Iron Fist. This is because Finn Jones himself has recently posted a number of videos which have led us to believe Danny Rand will finally be suiting up in his iconic suit.

Recently the Iron Fist star Finn Jones, who is filming for season two of Iron Fist, posted to his Instagram story some videos of getting his legs shaved along with getting some plaster molding done. The videos are no longer on his page but thanks to the page That One Marvelous Guy we have some of them saved.

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THEORY TIME: Actor Finn Jones posted a few videos of getting his legs shaved along with some type of plaster on his legs… – Most actors go through this process to get a "mold" done, sometimes for a fitting for their suit. – My theory is that Finn might finally rock the iconic Iron Fist suit in the near future. PLEASE TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. I could be very close or very off with this theory. – Whatever it is, just expect to see Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Luke Cage Season II & Iron Fist Season II. 🔥 – #DEFEND #Daredevil #CharlieCox #JessicaJones #KrystenRitter #LukeCage #MikeColter #IronFist #DannyRand #Punisher #ThePunisher #JonBernthal #Defenders #TheDefenders #Elektra #ElodieYung #ColleenWing #JessicaHenwick #ClaireTemple #RosarioDawson #Marvel #MarvelTelevision #MCU #MarvelCinematicUniverse #MarvelNetflix #Netflix #BenBarnes #InfinityWar #JephLoeb #Davos

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As That One Marvelous Guy pointed out actors typically have this molding done when they are being fitted for some kind of suit. And as we all know Danny Rand was lacking in the super suit department during the first season of Iron Fist. Getting his suit during season 2 would make sense as this was about when Matt Murdock got the finished Daredevil suit. While Daredevil got his full suit in the end of season one of Daredevil it didn’t really feature until the second season.

This would be great to see Danny Rand fully suit up as he settles into his role as a defender of New York City. Since Danny is the head of the Rand Corporation he can’t go around fighting crime in the city without hiding his identity for too long. So the suit is a perfect progression of the Iron Fist Identity.

As of now we aren’t sure if he will be getting a more cloth based suit or if it will be armored like Daredevil. So far there is no official word on Danny Rand getting a super suit so still take this with a grain of salt. But as more updates come in make sure to stay tuned to SuperBroMovies.

Would you like to see Danny Rand get his Iron Fist suit? Let us know what you think at SuperBroMovies on Twitter! – Jacob Campbell

Source: That One Marvelous Guy


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