‘ATLANTA’ Season 2 Episode 1 “Alligator Man” Recap/Review

Tonight we got our first episode of Atlanta’s second season. This season is titled Robbin’ Season. The season is based around/during the holidays when people commit robberies for holiday money or to get presents. We all know people struggle during the holidays for whatever reason. People struggle to feed their families, buy presents, pay bills, etc. the easy way out would be robbery. Rob somebody, get some money, use it, it’s a very easy cycle. This seems to be the undertone for things to come in this season of Atlanta. The original cast is back, and things basically pick up where season one left off. Last time we saw Earn, he was handing Van cash, helping Alfred move his rapping career, and sleeping in a storage room. Things seem to be about the same, but they also seem different.

This season opens with a scene that is the epitome of its title. We are very quickly reminded that it is “Robbin’ Season.” We get two young men hanging out, playing FIFA, talking shit, just “kickin’ it.” They then agree to commit a robbery at a drive-thru nearby for drugs that seem to be marijuana. The two get to the drive-thru, and of course, the robbery turns into a shootout. The store cashier has an assault rifle (watch the NRA try to use this on their agenda) and the robber has a regular pistol. This, of course, ends in a casualty (seen offscreen) and the robbers drive off. This sets up the season because these are the kinds of things that happen. Violence only ends in more violence.

The opening scene only sets up the season. The episode itself is something very strange, but fitting. We find Earn still homeless, in a sense. He’s still living in the storage room and wakes up to essentially being caught and kicked out. The man says that he knows Earn has been sleeping there, and that his time has run out. Earn tells him that he’s seen Storage Wars, and the man tells him “this” ain’t “that.” This is kind of a metaphor, we know Donald Glover wants to win another Emmy, and this seemed like him talking about that. He’s basically saying this isn’t your regular black television show, in a sense. We know that Earn’s living situation is crazy. Of course, he’s welcomed at Van’s house, but he also can stay at Al’s place as well. Earn wants to take full control of his life though, and that was made apparent in tonight’s episode.

We all know the situation that occurred last season that left Al on house arrest, and Darrius and Earn on probation. Earn arrives at Alfred’s house, and there seems to be a bit of tension between Alfred and Darrius. Neither wants to talk about the problem, but it’s obviously there. Being that Alfred is on house arrest, Darrius takes Earn to see his probation officer. During the car ride, Earn explains that his parents are headed to Florida. Darrius brings up the infamous “Florida Man.” The man who commits so many heinous crimes against the black community. Darrius then brings up some actual events that have occurred in Florida. One of them being “Florida Man shoots teen over loud music” referring to the case of 47-year-old Micheal Dunn shooting 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Darrius exaggerates a bit, but overall there is truth in each statement. According to Darrius the “Florida Man” is a state government ploy to keep blacks from voting in Florida.

This is just a more in-depth look at how we as black people perceive certain things. Darrius is a conspiracy theorist, and his thoughts will always be weird and complex. We see Earn visit his probation officer and the things that occur when you’re on probation. There are payments and extra rules that you must follow in order to stay out of jail while on probation. Earn is going to do everything he can to enjoy the freedom he has, and stay free. He also knows that in order to live with Alfred and continue to manage him, he must keep him happy. Which is usually the situation when you live with someone rent free. Before we get into Earn keeping Alfred happy, we get another glimpse of things that happen during “Robbin’ Season.”

The situation that occurs is basically because of Earn wanting to keep Alfred happy. Alfred sends him on a mission to their uncle the ‘Alligator Man‘ played by Katt Williams. He’s “kidnapped” Yvette, the woman dating their uncle. The police are called, and things get very very crazy. He claims that she stole $50, and he locks her in a room for it. He wants his money back, which is reasonable. He’s going to a very unreasonable and extreme measure to make it happen though. Earn de-escalates the situation, but the police still don’t leave. Earn ends up talking to his uncle about how he doesn’t want to end up like him, and he wants to take control of his life. His uncle realizes what’s happening though, and tells him some truth. Earn gains from it, and upon receiving a gold pistol he leaves the house. His uncle pulls an okie doke on the police, and dashes away. This scene makes for what we will see out of Earn for the rest of this season. He will be trying to control his own destiny. Earn gets home and talks with Alfred and Darrius. He shows them the gold pistol and all seems back in harmony.

This episode of Atlanta is definitely one of my favorites. The metaphors and ideologies were deep. This is the episode one we needed and deserved. This season seems like it will be an exciting one. The theme of the season is there, and we will see how deep into ‘Robbin’ Season‘ we get. This is a very interesting subject to tackle, but if anybody can do it it’s Donald Glover.

Rating: 8/10

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Rascal F. Kennedy

Starring Donald Glover, Keith Stanfield, Bryan Tyree Henry, and Zazie Beets:

Atlanta is one of the top cities for young rappers looking to make a name for themselves in the business. Among those up-and-comers is Alfred Miles, a hot new artist who is trying to understand the line between real life and street life. He is managed by his cousin, Earn, who gets caught up in the local rap scene and his cousin’s career after returning home to the ATL. Earn does whatever he can to try to get Alfred’s career to the next level. Darius, the rapper’s right-hand man and visionary, is also in Alfred’s entourage. When Earn isn’t busy managing his cousin’s career, he spends much of his time with best friend Vanessa, who is also the mother of his daughter.

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