Comcast Targets Sky Plc; Leaves 21st Century Fox/Disney Deal

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Some of the biggest names in entertainment have been bouncing back and forth on wha they want. One of the biggest audiences these deals would affect, is the Marvel fans. A few weeks ago, it was announced that Disney was interested in buying a good chunk of stock in 21st Century Fox. That was when Comcast jumped in and showed interest in buying 21st Century Fox.

Comcast, since then, has changed their interest into purchasing the European broadcasting company, Sky plc. With that being said, there is still hope that we’ll get to see our X-Men team up with some of our favorite Avengers. However, there’s still some bad news. The Comast/Sky deal could still interrupt any possibility of a crossover due to some present ownership.

New York Times has reported that Comcast is willing to pay a whopping $31 billion for Sky, clearly implying that they no longer have any intention on buying 21st Century Fox. Fox has also showed interest in Sky, even having some stakes in the company already. Although they would like to buy out the rest of the stakes in Sky, it is highly unlikely. Fox’s idea of a buyout was met with many legal questions due to Disney’s interest in them and whether or not Disney is going to buy the company out or not.

All in all, if Fox wanted to buy out the rest of what they have in Sky, they’d have to have some negotiations with the company. If Disney were to buy Fox, then they would both have to end up negotiating with Comcast. Whichever way this deal lands, either Disney or Comcast will have a major edge in the world of streaming services.

Either way, someone is going to acquire a large company and will undoubtedly have a strong advantage in the industry. Do you have any opinions on the deal? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies

– JB Baker

Source – New York Times



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