MATT REEVES Confirmed To Still Be Working On ‘THE BATMAN’

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Ater a series of messy rumors from the past couple of days about Matt Reeves’ involvement in The Batman, the director himself has now confirmed he is still developing the DCU film.

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If you weren’t aware, rumors small and large made the interwebs during the last couple of days claiming that the War for the Planet of the Apes director would be leaving the upcoming Batman solo film. Some said this was because of his recent deal with Netflix to produce a film called Life Sentence, while others claimed it’s simply another case of a director leaving a DCU project. Matt Reeves himself has gone onto Twitter to deny the news after a fan tagged him with the caption “say it ain’t so.”

The last update we got from the development of the film is that Reeves’ was writing the outline and getting the story straightened out. I assume since it’s been a couple of months after that he’s started to write the script by now, in fact, TheWrap‘s sources claim that the man is currently hard at work “writing away.”

So as of right now, Matt Reeves is definitely still attached to The Batman, but the bigger question about the project still goes unanswered; Ben Affleck’s involvement (or lack thereof). Reports from last year stated that Reeves’ was looking at Jake Gyllenhaal as a replacement for Batfleck if he doesn’t return, but his possible departure or return still hasn’t been confirmed. Unless something is officially announced soon, I expect we’ll surely know the verdict by SDCC.

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Source: Matt Reeves via Twitter

The Batman currently has no release date yet.


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