‘THE CROW’ Remake Gets October 2019 Release

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A remake of 1994’s supernatural revenge thriller The Crow, adapted from James O’Barr’s 1989 comic, has recently been greenlit. Jason Momoa will star as the title character and Corin Hardy serving as the film’s director. This will be Hardy’s next project following the 2018 horror film, The Nun. A recent announcement from Sony, the studio producing the project, has confirmed an October 11, 2019 release date for the film.


With many comics being adapted to film over the past few decades, The Crow is the latest one to get multiple film adaptations. The 1994 cult hit directed by Alex Proyas and starring Brandon Lee in the title role was a critical and financial success upon its release. In addition, the film is known for its troubled production history, with Lee being killed in an accident during production.

Although not much is known about the Crow remake other than its lead and its director, it is said to be faithful to O’Barr’s comic. Therefore, it is likely that the story will center on a man brought back from the dead to avenge his girlfriend’s death as well as his own. For now, fans of the Crow now have a concrete date in which they can anticipate the character’s new movie.

Mark Tan

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



1 comments on “‘THE CROW’ Remake Gets October 2019 Release”

  1. Honestly I’m quite disappointed in this remake. The original Crow is Brandon Lee’s legend and he died during filming….so why? Why does something need to be redone over and over again? Hollywood needs to stop making remakes for crying out loud! Can’t we come up with something original these days? I feel like all Hollywood cares about is an instant cash grab.


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