‘BLACK LIGHTNING’ S1Ep07 “Equinox The Book of Fate” Recap/Review

Remember when I said last week’s episode was the season’s best? Well, I lied because this week’s episode tops them all.



We continue with the aftermath of last week’s episode with Anissa still in disbelief her dad is Black Lightning. After a health checkup by Lynn, we also discover Anissa fast healing abilities. Lynn is understandably concerned Anissa is ready to go back to crime fighting. Lynn reveals to Anissa Jefferson crime fighting life is the reason the two her and Jefferson divorced in hopes of derailing Anissa from becoming a superhero. Jefferson is also on board both agreeing a normal life is what’s best for their kids.

Meanwhile Jefferson finally knows Gambi knew about Tobias Whale being alive the whole time. Gambi tells Jefferson the reason he never told him because he wanted to save Jefferson from himself. Jefferson ignores him again. His distrust in Gambi is impacting a lot of his decisions with Tobias.

We now cut to a scene with Tobias in a cage fight with an equally strong opponent. The opponent dies during the fight because of the Green Light drug. Tobias now sees Green Light as a problem because people are dying and can’t buy more. On the subject of Tobias, Gambi runs into Lady Eve. He tells Lady Eve it’s time to shut down Tobias for good. Lady Eve sees Tobias as a profit and instead orders Gambi to kill Tobias right had man, Joey Toledo. Gambi follows through Lady Eve’s plan leaving a box of albino ashes as a warning to Tobias.

Elsewhere, Lynn is being questioned by the police department about the attack at her lab. Jefferson draws a connection to the attack when Anissa admits she’s been looking into Grandpa Pierce’s research. Jefferson tells Anissa to warn David Poe (her informant) but she’s been informed by his coworker he passed a few days ago. This new information rocks Anissa fueling her to avenge his death. Lynn sees this and finally gives into Anissa using her powers for good. She then tells Jefferson the best way to help Anissa is to help her control her powers.


Joey Toledo was the only lead Jefferson had to find Tobias Whale. Fortunately for Jefferson, Detective Henderson kept his burner phone and has managed to find some information on Tobias whereabouts. Jefferson arrives at a grand opening of a new club Tobias has orchestrated. Tobias has also invited Lady Eve, unknown to her the invite was an ambush.

Black Lightning and Tobias finally face off. Black Lightning blasts Tobias with his powers and immediately set to work on his henchmen, He takes them down easily and blocks their high powered weapons with an electric shield. The bullets ricochet off the shield hitting several henchmen including Tobias’s sister. The battle ends with Tobias getting away but severely wounded.

BLK107b_0378b That’s now the only battle going on in the club. More of Tobias henchmen attack Lady Eve and her henchmen. Lady Eve manages to kill several henchmen until she lets her guard down and one member shoots her with a high powered weapon instantly frying her. Back at home, Jefferson gets a phone call from Detective Henderson saying he’s gone too far this time and hangs up. The news shows a photo of Lady Eve as a casualty and puts the blame on Black Lightning.

Do you believe in resurrections? that’s exactly what we got at the end of the episode. It’s the return of LaLa! Lala wakes up at the hotel he was supposedly killed in and has a vision of LaWanda, the woman he killed earlier this season. A tattoo of her face suddenly appears on her chest the scene goes black.

The absolute best episode of Black Lightning this season so far. It looks like Black Lightning is cranking up the action and twists every episode. I was very surprised to Lady Eve die and LaLa resurrected. This may mean LaLa could become the Tattoo Man? Also, I can’t wait to see where this leaves Gambi. He and Lady Eve were more of a team than he ever was with Tobias. It is clear Gambi cares very deeply for Jefferson, but how deep was Gambi with Lady Eve? could he take over her spot with the higher-ups? Also, is Detective Henderson dropping hints he knows who Black Lightning is? I can see that as a possibility and Lynn could be hiding she has a love interest. Her reaction to the question whether or not she was dating somebody made me consider she is. Overall I was very happy with this episode. The true villain remains to be seen but Tobias and the reintroduction of LaLa make up for it. The only problem I did have with this episode is Jennifer’s role was reduced to a cameo. Hopefully, we will see more of her storyline in the next episode.

Rating: 9/10

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