JOKER Origin Film Will Portray The Clown Prince Of Crime As A Failed Comic

Since the announcement of The Joker origin movie, not much has been said about the movie’s plot but looks like we now have some information.  A new report reveals that it will be about the Clown Prince being a failed comedian before becoming the clown we all know.

The movie will reportedly take place in the 1980’s with The Joker bombing with audiences before actually becoming the Joker. It will include nods to Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy so Scorsese’s involvement in the movie has more clarity now. This concept has been shown before in the comics in the graphic novel The Killing Joke.


Set place outside of the DCU, itwill be a standalone movie. Joaquin Phoenix has been rumored to be close to signing on to star as the Joker but no word has been officially said by the studio. The film is set to be directed by Todd Phillips, while the script is being written by him and Scott Silver. With production reportedly looking to start in mid to late 2018.

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Source: The Wrap

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