‘Atlanta’ S. 2, Ep. 2 ‘Sporting Waves’ Recap/Review

Atlanta’s second season is definitely living up to its name. The theme of ‘Robbin Season‘ is something that is intertwined in this season. There are different themes in the first two episodes that have a lot of meaning. Tonight’s episode was all about the hustle aspect and what goes on behind the scenes of upcoming rappers. We got to see a lot of Al this episode, a new character Tracy [Durag Man] (Khris Davis) was introduced, and we finally got to see what happened with those dogs from last season.

Tonight’s episode opened with another robbery. This robbery wasn’t a random robbery by some kids. The robbery was by Al’s plug. Al’s newfound “stardom” from his single/mixtape is getting him recognition in the rap game, but it’s also putting a target on his back. Everybody wants to rob you when you have money, especially during the holidays. The robbery leaves Al with one option, to find a new plug. For those of you who don’t know what a “plug” is…

A/The Plug is someone that you get drugs from. Al being a drug dealer, gets very large amounts of drugs to sell from his plug. His old plug robbing him means he has to search for a new one. He goes on a search for a new plug throughout the episode, but each one fails. The guys he meets to discuss business are worried about “clout.” Which has been a topic of discussion in the hip-hop community for a while. Clout is basically popularity. Sadly, in the age of social media people go to extremes to gain clout. Each drug dealer that Al meets with tries to use him to some extent for clout. This just shows the relevancy of Atlanta as a TV show again.

We also get to see what life as an up and coming rapper is like. Al and Earn go to meet Lucas at the record label he told Earn about last season. It’s pretty much what you would expect from that kind of label. There are board meetings and record execs walking around. There’s a scene of a rapper dancing and rapping on top of a table during a board meeting. The scene is reminiscent of Bobby Shmurda or Blac Youngsta. Both of the rappers have videos like this. They also pay homage to Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh in the episode. Paperboy (Al) records a drop for the Fresh Playlist. There are many aspects that are talked about in the hip-hop culture about exploitation but this episode showed it full force.

These scenes were really a huge play on the “hypebeast” culture in hip-hop. People who only wear something, listen to something, use a word, etc. because it’s cool. Hypebeast culture is another thing that comes to clout. There are plenty of “hip-hop” magazines that I will not name that feed hypebeast culture. There is one in particular that I feel Atlanta took direct aim at in tonight’s episode.

We got introduced to another character, Tracy. Tracy is a scammer. He’s also a shoplifter. Scamming is something that has been going on via social media for a long time. The theme has picked up in the recent years with things like pyramid schemes and cryptocurrency. The theme was underlined in this episode. Tracy takes Earn to the mall with one thing in mind, stealing. He talks about the “No Chase” policy in the mall. Yes, it’s a real thing. If you steal out of a store in the mall there’s usually a policy that they cannot chase after you.

Earn, on the other hand, is using a “gift card” at the mall from Tracy. The gift cards only last for so long because it’s a scam. Once you use the card you only have so long until the card is shut down. Earn goes on a little shopping spree, buys himself some things. He proceeds to rush so that he can get in and get out. This proves one thing, that scamming works to an extent. The shoplifting and scamming are a result of one thing, ‘Robbin Season‘. We also learn about the money Earn was supposed to get from the dogs he helped breed last season. Darrius promised him he would help him. Earn got a hefty amount of money, and Darrius was good on his word.

The final point in the episode tonight was the black man in a job interview. Yes, there is a way to dress, speak, act, etc. during an interview. In the black community, these things are amplified. Tracy has to go get clothes, shoes, make sure his waves are right, and more. The conversation of waves was hilarious. Tracy and Al go back and forth about who’s waves are better. They use terms like, “surfing”, “deep”, “ocean”, etc. to explain how good their waves are. It’s a funny scene, but these types of things happen every day.

This season of Atlanta continues to push boundaries. These first two episodes have been fun. They are well written and play in many aspects throughout the culture. The comedy is still there, and there is always a great underlining message to each episode.

Are you guys enjoying this season so far? Tweet us your thoughts @SuperBroMovies Let us know how you feel! Thank you for reading!

Rascal F. Kennedy

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