Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Comics Lands Huge Deal With Netflix

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe is coming to Netflix. Liefeld’s deal with Netflix is somewhere in the seven-figure range. They are going to turn the properties into feature films, about nine characters will get movies. Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend, The Dark Tower, Batman, and Robin), will oversee the writer’s room for the films. Goldman, Liefeld, and Brooklyn Weaver will be producers on the project. Greg Lessans of Weed Road will executive produce.

Netflix film chief Scott Stuber said in a statement to Deadline:

“Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe features gritty stories and distinctive characters. Akiva’s creative voice has been behind some of the largest movie franchises, making him uniquely capable of helping bring these superheroes from the Extreme Universe to life for Netflix.”

Netflix is starting to push more original content. They are starting to focus more on their IPs. Bright already has a sequel that has been ordered, along with shows like Castlevania. This Extreme Comics deal is definitely going to help Netflix push that content even further.

Goldsman stated:

“Rob is a unique and innovative talent who knows how to combine hard-edged comic book action with real emotionality. Netflix has the ambition, reach, and dedication to bring his universe to life.”

Rob Liefeld has worked for DC and Marvel. He’s been working in the comic industry since he was 18. Deadpool, Cable, and the X-Force are creations of his for Marvel. After a long stay with Marvel, he eventually created his own comic company ‘Extreme Comics. His Extreme Comics characters will be used heavily for the Netflix deal. Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Lethal, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf, Battlestone, Baboom, and Nitro-Gen are all apart of the deal.

Liefeld speaks on how the deal came about in this statement:

“Netflix has become a part of everyday existence for me and my children. Their programming is the most dynamic and diverse I have seen. I am beyond thrilled and inspired to be bringing my Extreme catalogue to life with the creative wizards at Netflix. What Akiva Goldsman has achieved with his craft and storytelling across all mediums in our industry is of absolute benefit for my Extreme characters. He is an absolute comic book fanatic and working with him on adapting Extreme Universe has been electric. His stellar work on Star Trek Discovery has wowed the fandom and trust me when I say that the Teen Titans show he is producing is going to blow fans away. I cannot wait to show the world what we have in store.”

Goldsman has helped produce and write some amazing films and tv shows. Netflix is definitely attempting to create some good content. They have acquired a lot of IPs and hired some great people to work on them. Mark Millar has also received a similar deal with Netflix. The content is coming soon, and it will be amazing. IPs are far and few, so Netflix is capitalizing on the market in a way.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about the deal? Do you think Netflix should make more of these huge deals? Tweet us your thoughts @SuperBroMovies!

We will keep you guys updated as information comes in!

Source: Comicbook Resource

Rascal F. Kennedy

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