‘BLACK LIGHTNING’ S1Ep08 “The Book of Revelations” Recap/Review

As the city mourns the death of Lady Eve, Black Lightning and Thunder are on the hunt for her killer. Lynn discovers something shocking regarding Gambi and Jennifer learns something new about herself. Oh and let’s not forget LaLa roaming the streets again with the ghost of LaWanda by his side. This has shaped up to be an interesting episode, so let’s begin.

Lady Eve is dead. That much is clear. Unless she gets resurrected like LaLa but I don’t think they’ll go that route. But because of how the way she died, the police department is pending this murder on Black Lightning. The city of Freeland has turned their backs against Black Lightning demanding justice but their not the only ones looking for revenge. Gambi has a meeting in the parking lot with a man who has ties to the government organization A.S.A. Long story short Gambi was suppose to take out Black Lightning years ago. Proctor now sees Black Lightning as a threat now that Lady Eve is dead and demands Gambi to hand over any information he has on him.


Meanwhile Anissa’s training has just begun. As expected Jefferson is really hard on from the start. It looks like Anissa breathing is the focal point of her powers. I hope Anissa can use her power non verbally in the future.

Jefferson and Anissa break into Lady Eve’s mortuary to find out what happened to Lady Eve. They discover the burns on Lady Eve’s body were from a high powered nuclear weapon and not from Black Lightning. They now understand why the police department pinned the murder on Black Lightning. But they still need to do examinations properly and come with facts. Gambi tracks the radiation of the weapon to a forest outside of Freeland. Jefferson and Anissa find the weapon and a dead body to go with it. Jefferson contacts Detective Hutcherson with their information only for a dirty cop to arrive before he does. Jefferson follows and would’ve lost his life if Anissa didn’t get their just in time. The weapon blows up killing any evidence they had so they go back to square one.

Finally Jennifer is back in the fold and in a big way! Jennifer and her friend were posting school posters around the school halls for an upcoming election. Jennifer’s friend climbed an unsafe ladder. Jennifer warns her to get down but her friend ignores her pleas and almost falls off. Scared, Jennifer eyes start to glow an orange hue and burns her phone with her hands. Later that day, Jennifer focuses her breathing and completely destroys her phone with the same orange energy coming out of her hands.

The Book of Revelations

At home now, Jefferson recounts how Anissa saved his loud. You can see how proud he was her through his voice and how much of a rush it gave him. Lynn reveals to Jefferson Gambi has been hiding secrets from him and he needs to go confront him. Jefferson meets up with Gambi. Gambi then reveals his real name Peter Esposito and he was an ASA agent sent to Freeland to provide a vaccine similarly to Green Light to control the black people in Freeland. The only problem was the vaccine gave people superhero powers. Gambi leaked that information to Jefferson’s father who later got killed for it. Jefferson eyes begin to glow and tells Gambi to stay away from his family. Gambi then tells Jefferson to never become Black Lightning again. The ASA is on to him and they will kill him and anyone who connected to him.

LaLa has the ghost of LaWanda to keep him company for now. Her influence hasn’t made a big impact yet. It will slowly build. LaWanda wants him to regain his power back in Freeland but LaLa still doesn’t know his purpose. He was suppose to be dead. Why bring him back and LaWanda in ghost form now? I was pleasantly surprised LaLa didn’t make a grand announcement he has returned. It looks like he’s taking his time and with the disappearance of Tobias, we will most likely see more him.

Another solid episode for Black Lightning. Glad to see Jennifer have a role in this episode. I was kind of surprised she got her powers but happy all the same. And I’m also happy she immediately told Anissa. It’s always nice to have someone to confide in. It will be a great shock to Jennifer she’s not the only Pierce sister with some powers. I predict there will be some conflict. Anissa and Jefferson were getting along so well. I feel maybe Anissa wants to keep that superhero dynamic between her and Jefferson. Only way to find out by watching next week’s episode.

Rating: 8.2/10

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