‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep16 “Run Iris Run” Recap/Review

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It’s finally here. The episode we’ve all been waiting for has finally flashed before our eyes. Yes, Iris West becomes a superhero on an episode of The Flash. Not only that, but she becomes a speedster, inheriting Barry Allen’s powers. This makes sense, as they are the Flash after all. All jokes aside, I’m was intrigued to watch Iris get the spotlight for this week and have her save the day. Last week’s episode was quite great, so let’s see if Iris can keep the streak going.


Before we get to the main event, the opening has Harrison Wells possibly figure out how to stop The Thinker. Barry had to become faster to stop Thawne aka Reverse Flash, so he thinks they need something that makes him smarter. Is this another random occurrence where Wells comes up with something to stop DeVoe? Sure, but at least it seems like it’ll work this time. He basically wants to turn himself into The Thinker 2.0, which is extremely risky.

Alright now for the good stuff; after Wells pitches his idea to the team, not everyone is on board and Ralph ends up leaving it to them to deal with it. Ralph has a pretty good point though, DeVoe wants him and his powers, so every time he’s out there he’s taking a major risk. This leads to Iris getting called out by Ralph Dibny for not actually knowing how it’s like to have your life on the line in the field. As the leader of the team, it’s a good idea to have her don the suit, later on, to develop her as a character.

How exactly does this happen? Well, a new meta arrives in town with the ability to swap peoples’ DNA. He’s doing good at first, stopping a bank robbery and saving lives, but when he goes up against the Flash things go wrong for the heroes. As Barry saves Iris with his super speed, but this leads to his connection to the speed force be handed to West. Iris West is a speedster now. Only for this episode obviously, but she even gets to don her own suit.

First is the training of course, and she goes through pretty much exactly what Barry went through. We get a nice homage to Barry tripping on a treadmill scene from Season 1, but she gets on the field pretty quickly. In a scene straight out of Spider-Man 2, a film they also reference right beforehand, Iris gets her first hands-on experience by heading into a burning building. She sort of fails, which leads to having her doubt herself. She still feels the need to prove herself…so it’s time to put on a suit.

The meta Matthew Kim confronts the person who he unknowingly gave fire powers to, and Iris rushes in to the save Kim in the heated exchange (I had to). The scene itself isn’t bad, but with all due respect to the actors, the performances are pretty atrocious. Iris is definitely the standout, and when she makes the tidal wave it made up for the down falls. She saves the day and, in turn, improves herself as a character and a leader for Team Flash. What else could you ask for an episode relying on a supporting character?

Going into this episode, I was extremely skeptical as to why they would use a character known for not having powers be the Flash for a day. After watching it though, I feel as if they made some good reasons for it. It felt a lot more natural than when the CW has tried to make Arrowverse supporting characters heroes in other shows. The thinking cap debacle of the episode was probably the least interesting, but at least they are finally figuring out how to defeat DeVoe. The ending teases the final metas on the list, while the names aren’t very noteworthy, I’m sure they represent a character in the comics.

Rating: 7.5/10

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.


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