The Flash #42 Review (SPOILERS)

The Flash #42
DC Comics

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Dan Panosian

“PERFECT STORM” part four! The Flash teams up with an unlikely ally as the fight for Central City rages on. Meanwhile, Grodd sinks his telepathic teeth into the Flash Family as he tries to finish Barry Allen once and for all!



The most epic story thus far in the Rebirth run has certainly been “PERFECT STORM” – It’s been fun, intense and very entertaining. This week’s issue is no exception, as the story and stakes get at an all-time high. Barry is desperate to get his powers back in order to stop Grodd, even if that means teaming up with a murderer. Godspeed it out of Iron Heights and is ready to help Barry, but he knows there’s more to why he was chosen.

The rest of the Flash fam is busy with Meena and Grodd, with Kid Flash and Avery trying to save Meena. She’s the one thing that personally ties them this event, so when she once again betrays their trust it hurts even more. Although she still doesn’t want to leave Grodd’s side, I have a feeling she’ll have some sort of redemption by the end of all of this. This is a very intriguing and entertaining side of the story, I’m loving the new team characters Williamson has brought together.

Barry is desperate to get his powers back no matter the cost, as he’s sure this is how he’ll defeat Grodd. After he gets Godspeed out of prison, it’s revealed he may actually only want him to be the one who kills Grodd. It’s not explicitly revealed, but one could assume that’s the case. If so, I feel like Barry as a character takes several steps back here. I think it’s to set up Flash War, but it feels like a bit much at times.


My two main complaints about this issue are the art and Barry’s lack of learning. The look they’re going for is actually pretty cool, a neat retro style design, but I found it to be too inconsistent. This may vary per reader, but I found myself dismissing the arti completely at certain points and just focusing on the dialogue. It’s a certain style that doesn’t appeal to everyone, so one must decide for themselves in this area.

In Conclusion:

Barry’s idiocy and some of the art may be the pitfalls of this issue, but the story and characters keep it afloat. Even with those problems, this is still a very entertaining and exciting issue. The story gets even better and bigger, I can’t wait to see what Williamson has planned. Especially how this will setup Flash War…

Rating: 7.5/10

– Marcos Melendez


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