‘THE BATMAN’ Will Reportedly Go Into Production In 2019

As Matt Reeves continues to work on The Batman script, it seem like a possible production date has finally been settled. After having some major setbacks with Ben Affleck dropping out of the director’s chair and possibly leaving the role entirely, DCU fans will seemingly finally see the upcoming solo film come to fruition within the next couple of years.


According the HeroicHollywood, Matt Reeves’ The Batman won’t start production until sometime next year. This means, we won’t be seeing the film in theaters until around 2020 or 2021. The good news is however, that Matt Reeves is not only still attached to the project but is also taking his time to make sure he gets it right. Giving the rest of this year to develop it also allows time for Ben Affleck, who’s been on and off about his return, to finally make a decision.

Rumors have had Jake Gyllenhaal as a top choice for Reeves if Affleck indeed doesn’t return, but I as a fan hope he stays for the new trilogy. Personally, Affleck’s Batman is my favorite live-action version of the character, and seeing him go just before he can even have a solo film. As we wait for that verdict, the DCU has other exciting films in the pipeline. Aquaman is said to be “awesome” from those who saw an early cut of it, and Shazam is currently in production. Then there’s also Wonder Woman 2 featuring the first live-action Cheetah, so yeah, there’s enough to be excited about.

What do you guys think? Let us know by tweeting us at SuperBroMovies. – Marcos Melendez

Source: HeroicHollywood

Th Batman currently has no release date.


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