PR COMIC-CON Is Set To Return This Year: Here’s Why It’s So Important

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Since 2002, the Puerto Rico Comic-Con is an event that happens once a year in, you guessed it, the island of Puerto Rico. Although the island may be small, a couple hundred thousand geeks of all ages attend the event every year. Last year was no exception, the convention was huge and held guests such as Finn Jones (Iron Fist), Lana Parilla (Once Upon A Time), and more. It was a family-friendly and fun event for those who wanted a break from their busy lives. After hurricane Maria (and Irma) devastated the island around September last year in more ways than one, the PR Comic-Con is more important than ever.


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Location of PR Comic-Con


Whether you heard it in the news or you saw it for yourself, the devastation that Maria left in Puerto Rico was nothing like the island had seen before. More than just the physical destruction, the event had a psychological effect on those who were affected by it. From financial problems to power outages all over the island (that are still lasting to this day), it hasn’t been easy for many Puerto Ricans. With that being said, the willpower is strong and people continue to move forward and make the best of what’s happened. That’s exactly what has happened with PR Comic-Con, not only do they have to set up the biggest event of the island, but also make it so that everyone can afford and remain accessible for those heavily affected.

Single day tickets are only 18 dollars each, and this includes almost full access to the event. There’s also the VIP multi-pass that not only includes full 3-day access but also guaranteed seats in panels from all of the guests, 30 minutes early entrance and more. They lowered the price of the multi-pass as well, so it’s more accessible than ever for the public. As an event that’s so family friendly while also rewarding for hardcore geeks, this is what a lot of people need after the stressful past couple of months.

The producer of the event, Ricardo Carrion, stressed in an interview the importance of the Con in times like this.

“All of us have been impacted by the storm, no doubt; but we all have theresponsibility to get back up and move forward. Now, more than ever, entertainment is needed to help accelerate the normalization process in our lives.”

Carrion is absolutely right, a lot of people are still trying to get back to “normal”, so entertainment like this will certainly help. From my personal experience, I’ve never experienced a convention that goes by more smoothly, and I hope it turns out even better this year.

Although there are many things to do at the convention, guests are one of the biggest things that keep people coming back. Last year saw TV stars like Finn Jones and Lana Parilla fill up seats at large panels within minutes. This year, it’s set to be no different. Artists, writers, actors and more are set to arrive that’ll excite many Puerto Rican fans.

Here’s an excerpt of PR Comic-Con official press release about their return, and also some info about the guests.

With everything set for May 18-20, 2018 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan,this year’s Puerto Rico Comic Con will once again feature the best in all things popculture, including local artists, comics, television, videogames, movies, anime, cosplay, collectibles, memorabilia and more. Confirmed entertainment industry professionals that will be onsite to engage with fans: actor John Barrowman (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Torchwood, Dr. Who), actor Juliana Harkavy (Arrow, The Walking Dead, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash), actor Casey Cott(Riverdale), comic book creators Jim Starlin and Gail Simone, and more to be announcedsoon. As always, the event program includes myriad workshops, Q&A sessions, and specialpresentations.

Past special guests of Puerto Rico Comic Con have included: actor Lana Parrilla (OnceUpon a Time); actor David Ramsey (Arrow, Dexter); actor Jason Momoa (Justice League,Game of Thrones); comic book legends Greg Capullo (Spawn, Batman) and John RomitaJr. (Kick-Ass, Uncanny X-Men, The Amazing Spider-Man); voice actor Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Batman: Arkham Origins); voice actor Tara Strong (Batman: The Killing Joke, FinalFantasy X) and many more.

prcc guests

In the image above, are some of the people arriving at the island this May. It’s slightly smaller group than last year, and it seems like some other celebrities are wary to visit Puerto Rico at this point in time. What I say to that – This is understandable logic, but I can guarantee you that not only the event will be safe and fun, but the surrounding people will surely welcome you with open arms.

So, if you live in Puerto Rico or planning on visiting soon, I believe this convention is a must for those who are geeks or simply want to have a great time.  Click here for tickets.

– Marcos Melendez


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