‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ Director David Ayer Reveals Cut JOKER Plot Point

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A fan on twitter had tweeted out that they were waiting for an explanation regarding photos of the Joker that had never made into Warner Brothers Suicide Squad. The fan had tagged the director of the film, David Ayer who then proceeded to respond with a message that cleared up where the images were meant to be placed in the movie.


In every movie that we watch, there are always characters that you want to root for throughout the film. Harley Quinn was one of those characters in Suicide Squad. Had we seen Enchantress make a deal with the Joker and then Harley stand up to him, it would have given the audience a lot more to cheer for. It also would have been really good character development for Harley, standing her ground against the man who constantly abused her while at his side, to side with her new friends.This scene alone could have made the Harley Joker plot much more meaningful.

The interesting question is why was this scene removed from the film? It’s well known that there was major studio interference during the production of Suicide Squad which left a lot of scenes on the cutting room floor. But a scene like this seems integral to the story and was something that should’ve made it into the theatrical cut. 

Suicide Squad

Hopefully, the new leadership at Warner Brothers allows filmmakers the ability to either create a better storyline or they fully trust the director and writers to come up with a strong one for the sequel, of course. Each of the characters in the Suicide Squad has intriguing story arcs so it would be very appreciative that Warner Bros. utilized each of their stories properly and weave it onto the big screen.

What do you think of this deleted scene that David Ayer provided on Twitter in a response to a fan’s question? Do you think Warner Bros. need to trust their directors and writers more to give them the freedom to create the best DCU movie possible? Be sure to let us know what your thoughts are by tweeting @SuperBroMovies on Twitter!

Lucas Talbot

Source: Twitter


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