Tom Hardy Debunks ‘VENOM’ Suit Rumors

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Recent rumors claiming that the upcoming Venom movie won’t feature very much of its title character have been addressed, by none other than the film’s star himself.

A supposed plot leak surfaced recently, with a breakdown of everything that happens in the Venom movie. Lacking from the rather generic plot was, sadly, much screen time featuring Venom. There was plenty of Eddie Brock, but any fan of the character can tell you there’s a difference. Venom refers to himself as “we” for a reason. Watching Tom Hardy isn’t the same as watching a massive, fanged, oil-black monster. Tom Hardy seems to have heard about these rumors, and he doesn’t sound amused by them.

He took to Instagram to- kind of- address the rumor.

He doesn’t say much other than citing the rumor as not credible. These specific reports can be written off, but there’s no guarantee from Hardy that there will be much Venom in the final product. The teaser trailer, after all, hardly featured anything visually identifiable as connected to Venom. If you’re looking for assurance, it should come in the fact that Tom Hardy did a full motion-capture performance for the role. We don’t know how much of the role required that, but it was important enough that Hardy himself embody the character at all points.

Venom will release October 5, 2018. 

Weston Sheffield

Soruce: Instagram


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