When Jessica Chastain was first confirmed to be in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, details of the character that she would play has been a mystery. It was first rumored that she would be playing Lilandra, a Shi’ar Empress who denounced Jean Grey to death in the Dark Phoenix Saga comics storyline. Chastain then hinted on Twitter that she was not playing Lilandra. Some new information regarding Chastain’s mystery role in the film has been brought to light by The Tracking Board. They are reporting that she could be playing the female version of the popular X-Men villain, Mr. Sinister.

Jessica Chastain in Dark Phoenix.jpg

In the comics, Mr. Sinister often switches bodies to prevent himself from getting in harm’s way. So it would make sense in the movie, Mr. Sinister would be Miss Sinister, at least for the time being. Mr. Sinister also has a quite a bit of a historical connection to Scott Summers as Cyclops and Jean Grey. The longtime X-Men villain believed that having Scott and Jean’s mutant genes together could make a big impact by tapping into the unlimited potential of the mutant race. With Sinister truly believing in that concept, he has intervened through Scott and Jean’s lives. In fact, when Scott became an orphan at an early age, it was Sinister that sent Scott to his own orphanage so he could keep an eye on him. When Scott started losing control of his mutant powers, it was Sinister that created the ruby quartz glasses to ease the headaches that were causing Scott to lose control of.

Sinister was also angry at the events that caused the death of Jean Grey in the Dark Phoenix Saga comic. Sinister was so angry that he made a clone version of Jean. Then manipulated Scott into falling in love with the Jean clone. One of Sinister’s best experiments was born through them, Nathan Summers, who then grows up to become Cable, a time-traveling mutant that travels from the future to prevent a future catastrophe in the present. Cable, played Josh Brolin, will make his live-action film debut in this year’s film, Untitled Deadpool Sequel, coming to theaters this May.

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Lucas Talbot

Source: Screenrant via Tracking Board

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be in theaters February 14, 2019

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