Flash Solo Film May No Longer Be Titled ‘FLASHPOINT’

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Flashpoint film has just recently been renamed  Flash.

This his is a very recent development, with the article dropping just a few hours ago. The article specifically said:

He worked on the Warner Bros.’ Flash movie project when it was titled Flashpoint…

It looks like the film title will be reverting to what it originally was intended, potentially meaning the story could be very different as well. Instead of an origin story, Flashpoint would have likely been an adaptation of the 2011 Geoff Johns comic Flashpoint, that reset the DC Universe, creating the New 52.


In the comic, Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother from murder, but in doing so, creates a dystopian world that is falling apart. Aquaman and his Atlantis army are at war with Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Bruce Wayne was murdered, instead of his parents, and his father became Batman while his mother became the Joker. Superman was also captured as an infant and experimented on by the US government. When he runs back to stop himself from stopping his mom’s death (time travel is weird, right?), a new DC Universe is created.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 2.25.31 PM.png

It was heavily rumored and theorized that the Flashpoint film would use the story to reset the DC film universe due to the critical and financial shortcomings of the films, particularly Justice LeagueBatman v Superman, and Suicide Squad.

Source: THR

A release date nor plot synopsis are currently available for Flash.

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