Russo Brothers Asks Fans For Silence Leading Up ‘INFINITY WAR’ Press Tour

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In 2018, every simple scroll on Twitter or Facebook could spoil huge plot points in films. Fans and media outlets alike have been the cause for spoilers being leaked into the digital world on any given day.

With a huge worldwide press tour taking place for the highly anticipated 3rd Avengers film taking place in the coming weeks, the directors of the film are doing ALL they can to ensure no beans are spilled regarding the film’s secrets.

Take a look at the cleverly worded letter below:

Of course, as fans have grown to expect from the actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playful banter followed.

tom h.JPG

From Tom Holland AKA Peter Parker,


and Iron Man himself.

While this plea from the men who are responsibly for what promises to be one of the greatest cinematic events of all time, it may still be safe for fans to avoid any and all social media browsing until AFTER they’ve seen the film for themselves.

We here at SuperBroMovies will try our best to warn our readers before posting anything that could potentially ruin the film for them.

Source: The Russo Brothers 



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