RUMOR: ‘THE BATMAN’ to Revolve Around Bruce Wayne Dealing with the Death of Robin

According to Jeremy Conrad, Matt Reeve’s The Batman will feature a younger Bruce Wayne dealing with the death of Robin.If the rumor is true, the film will not be an adaptation of A Death in the Family, the famous Batman arc where Jason Todd, the second Robin, is brutally murdered by the Joker. The exact quote from Conrad is shown below:

According to the rumor I heard, Matt Reeves’ story is about how Bruce deals with the death of Jason Todd. That doesn’t mean that we’re getting “A Death in the Family” on the big screen, or The Red Hood (that’s probably a sequel), but instead how a younger Bruce Wayne deals with being responsible for a death of a Robin.


Following the tragic event, Bruce spiraled into a depression, becoming a darker and more violent Batman. Jason’s death also impacted how Batman interacted with following Robins, especially Tim Drake, who took the mantle up after Jason Todd’s death.

Eventually, Jason was resurrected and became the Red Hood, a vigilante who was morally opposed to Batman. He appeared in the famous storyline, Under the Red Hood. Batman and the Red Hood are often at odds with one another, as Jason is willing to kill, while Batman is not.


In the DCEU, Robin (or at least one of them) is dead, with Bruce putting the damaged suit on display in his Batcave. We got a sense of what the looked like in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which took place after Robin died. The Batman would take place before the events of Batman v Superman and would help show exactly how Bruce Wayne became the darker, harsher Batman of the Batman v Superman.

Michael Marinelli


The Batman currently does not have a release date or plot synopsis.

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