‪’DEATHSTROKE’ Film Still In The Works According To Joe Manganiello ‬

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It was first announced that Deathstroke was to play opposite Batman in Affleck’s solo Batman film. To further provoke that idea, Ben Affleck released test footage that ended up being for Justice League, but it sure fooled everyone. With Matt Reeves helming the solo Batman film now, his direction is one in which Deathstroke isn’t the antagonist.

Now, don’t worry. Remember last year when it was said that Gareth Evans was in talks with Warner Bros. to direct a DC villain movie? Well, upon recent discovery, this might just end up being the Deathstroke movie.

While at the premier for his most recent film, Rampage, he was asked by Variety about Deathstroke. While not revealing much, he did however say there were some things in the works.

We got our first official glimpse of Deathstroke in the post-credits scene of Justice League. In my opinion, that was probably the best part of the whole movie. The grit and ruggedness Mangianello brings to just the physical look of the character makes me crazy excited to see what he does.

What are your thoughts on a solo Deathstroke film? Do you think Manganiello can pull off the iconic comic book character? I sure do. Let us know your thoughts on it over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – Variety


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