‘BATGIRL’ Movie Back On Track With New Script From ‘Bumblebee’ Writer

Warner Bros is kicking the Batgirl movie back into gear, as it gets a new script and writer.

In November of last year, we here at SuperBroMovies were the first to break the news that Joss Whedon would be leaving his planned Batgirl movie. Two months ago, the director himself officially announced his departure, stating that he simply didn’t have a story to tell with the movie. Although Joss may not have found direction with his script, Warner Bros and DC haven’t given up on the project.

Writer Christina Hodson 

Christina Hodson, writer of the upcoming Transformers spinoff movie Bumblebee and the 2017 thriller Unforgettable, has been tapped to pen a new script focusing on Barbra Gordon. Warner Bros is also reportedly looking for a new director, specifically a female one, so hiring Hodson is in-line with that narrative. This could be the first step in actually seeing the film realized, but many other live-action DC Universe movies with writers and even directors have been taking their time to begin production. Whether or not this new script puts the Batgirl movie back on track, or keeps spinning its wheels, is yet to be seen.

Are you still looking forward to Batgirl? Does this new direction excite you or make you hesitant? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below, and stay tuned to SuperBroMovies for upcoming news.

Weston Sheffield

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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