Colton Haynes Returning As Series Regular For ARROW Season 7

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Just last week, all Arrow-verse shows were renewed for new seasons. This fall will be Arrow‘s seventh season. The show has seen some longstanding cast members leave recently as their contracts ended with season 6. Willa Holland, who plays Oliver’s sister Thea, recently exited the show. An announcement today brings a surprising return of an early castmember.


Thea’s boyfriend and Oliver’s original sidekick, Roy Harper will return to the show as a series regular for season 7. Colton Haynes has returned to the show to guest star on a few rare occasions since his exit in season 3. Since then, Thea has taken over the red hood, as Speedy. Now with her exit and Haynes’ return, this puts the writers in an odd narrative position to bring him back.

Spoilers for the episode 15 and 16 of this season of Arrow: Thea, Roy, and Nyssa left Star City to scour the world and destroy and last Lazarus Pits. This was an great, original idea by the writers to not kill Thea off but to not make her retire either. Making Roy leave her side during this important mission to only come fight with Oliver at home seems hypocritical. What possible reason would Roy have to return without Thea? Perhaps she and Nyssa take over the Thanatos Guild, to Roy’s dismay. Maybe Roy and Thea just break up, but how would that make Oliver feel? Arrow has had some rough times since season 2, so to see this important character return is a delight. Hopefully the writers get over that initial logistical hurdles delicately and quickly. Tweet us your reaction and theories @superbromovies – Cole


Source: Deadline


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