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News broke a few months ago that Black Widow would finally be getting a solo movie in the MCU with Jac Schaeffer penning the script. While there still hasn’t been an official announcement from Marvel, the film is rumored to release in 2020.

Fans have been speculating that it could be set in the past and show Black Widow’s adventures before joining the Avengers. This would open up many opportunities for other characters to show up like the Winter Soldier. The actor who plays Bucky Barnes in the MCU, Sebastian Stan, has revealed that he would love to be apart of the film.

“Yeah, absolutely! Of course! I mean, anytime I’m ready.”

Those characters already have some history in the MCU. It was revealed in The Winter Soldier that Black Widow confronted him on one of her missions and was even shot through the stomach by him. In Civil War, while attempting to apprehend him, she whispers, “You could at least recognize me,” which implies they could have even more unspoken history with each other. Sebastian Stan commented on their shared experiences as well as hinting at their relationship in the comics.

“They have a very nice history in my opinion. It’s very intricate…the truth is he actually taught her in the comic books. He was a teacher to her. It’s all set during a specific, interesting time. The Cold War. It’s all a very… spy, thrillerish, noirish story…it would be very interesting to explore that on film. I would love if the do that. You know, I hope. Maybe they will.”

The two also have a romantic relationship in the comics, although I doubt that will be explored in the movies.

We shouldn’t expect these two to have much interaction in Infinity War, though. Sebastian Stan described that there’s already so much going on that it wouldn’t be that important to the story.

“It’s all…there’s so many thing that are pressing in this film I think that, a scene between Black Widow and the Winter Soldier would be a bit far to the left. There are other pressing issues to deal with. But it’s nice to have that there. It’s a great opportunity that one day we might explore. It depends on how they feel.”

Would you be excited to see Bucky Barnes/ the Winter Soldier appear in the Black Widow solo movie? Let us know on Twitter @SuperBroMovies. –Caleb Sadd

Source – BadTaste


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