‘SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY’ Trailer 2: Breakdown/Analysis

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is just over a month away, bringing everyone’s favorite smuggler back into the spotlight. Last night, Lucasfilm debuted a brand new trailer, and like all hardcore Star Wars fans, we’re here to analyze, speculate, and probably spend a little too much time dissecting every frame looking for hidden secrets.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

The trailer begins showcasing a new, unfamiliar planet. Though we’re not sure what the location is, we can assume that it’s used by the Empire for maintenance for their ships and equipment, considering the massive Star Destroyer that looks to be stripped of its underside paneling.

Here’s Han, strolling up towards what’s likely a very dangerous place for him to be. The trio huddled around the fire gives the indication that this isn’t a well-to-do part of the galaxy, and is probably under heavy Imperial control.

Upon first glance, you might think that Han’s been locked up. But it seems more likely that this is a “what’s the password” type of scenario. Maybe Han is looking to meet Lando, or Woody Harrelson’s Beckett?

Here’s a nice glimpse at Enfys Nest and her gang of Cloud Riders. She appears to be a rival smuggler, and they’ll most likely end up becoming an issue for Han and his crew at some point during the film’s story. But, more on that later.

“Hello, what have we here?” Lando sits at the head of a table, surrounded by a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Lando seems to have had quite the reputation even before we first meet him in Empire Strikes Back, as sitting amongst these intimidatingly large and somewhat frightening creatures doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. Oh, and Therm Scissorpunch can be seen in the group shot above, sitting on Lando’s left. The lobster one. Yeah, that’s his name.

Han and Chewie gaze up at the Falcon here, admiring what will eventually become their home throughout the original trilogy. What’s interesting to note here is that this same shot appeared in the film’s first trailer, but Chewie wasn’t in it. A small detail, but it’s worth mentioning.

Han and Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) attend what looks like a high class party featuring a wealthier half of the galaxy. Paul Bettany’s Dryden Vos is also seen in this location, overlooking the festivities from a balcony. Judging from the info the trailer provides, he’s a dangerous crime lord, and this club is very likely owned by him. Could we see the infamous Jabba the Hutt pop up at some point? If so, this seems like the prefect place to sneak in a cameo from Tatooine’s most feared gangster.

A close up on Vos reveals some pretty intense scars as well.

This one’s a bit easier to see in motion, but Han’s famous dice from A New Hope and The Last Jedi can be seen dangling from the rear view mirror to his right.

Han’s lucky dice in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

As any hardcore Star Wars fan is aware, these are the very dice Han used to win the Millennium Falcon from Lando. Perhaps we’ll see that very moment once the film hits theaters next month.

This planet here could be the very same one with the docked Star Destroyer mentioned earlier. Some stormtroopers can be seen firing at Han, who might be making off with some precious Imperial cargo.

Here, Beckett tosses Han his famous DL-44 blaster, which he still has up until his death in The Force Awakens. It’s unclear whether Beckett is simply inspecting it or giving it to Han, but either way, this is a fun nod to a big part of the character’s history.

This shot here looks to be on the same planet where the train heist takes place. Though we don’t know what’s inside, it could be some sort of criminal hideout, or the designated meeting place for Han and the crew to plan their next big move.

Lando’s droid companion, L3-37, sports a unique look and a a bit of a temper. She appears to be Lando’s answer to Han’s Chewie, and is consistent with Lando’s preference for droid companions such as Lobot from The Empire Strikes Back.

A nice overhead shot of the Millennium Falcon in her prime. She looks clean, new, and, in a way, better than she ever has.

The interior looks as good (if not better) than the outside. It’s a far cry from the ship’s worn and battered look in the original trilogy. In A New Hope, Han famously says, “She’s not pretty, but she’s tough.” Well, she was tough, but she was pretty at one point too.

The crew seems to be after some sort of Imperial property, as they’re seen here engaged in a firefight with a new brand of Stormtrooper.

To the right, some speeders are visible, and they’re in pursuit of whoever is in the larger ship to the left. The speeders on the right could be those of Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders. If so, Han will have to tangle with both the Empire and rival smugglers to get whatever is on that train.

This here seems to be the location of the train robbery, except now, it’s been blown to bits. If I had to guess, I’d say Han is piloting the ship with the cargo and crew safely on board, making their escape.

Now, we’re going to get into some heavy speculation here. Take a look at the gasses emerging from the planet’s surface. They could be clouds, but could this be Kessel, home of the spice mines where Han and Chewie famously made their run in less than 12 parsecs?

This wouldn’t be the first time we see Kessel in the new Star Wars canon. We’ve seen it before in Star Wars Rebels, where it was home to a very specific group of slaves: Wookies.

Now, if Han does head to Kessel (which he likely will), this could be the moment he meets his beloved best friend, Chewbacca.

Here, Chewie slams an enemy into the dirt. Given the mine-like setting of the area, this could be a massive Wookie uprising, aided by Han and the genesis of Chewie’s life debt.

Here, Chewie embraces another Wookie in what looks to be a goodbye. Again, this could be Chewie departing home to be with Han, serving him in the life debt he owes him. There’s a good chance this could be his wife, Mallatobuck, who made her debut in the dreadful Star Wars Holiday Special. Now, we’re not saying that awful, God forsaken travesty of a TV special should become canon, but Lucasfilm may end up using elements of it that aren’t entirely terrible.

For our final bit of theorizing, let’s dig a bit deeper into a more obscure piece of Star Wars lore. This whip here looks like it packs a deadly punch, and the most likely person to get a lashing from it is Han Solo himself.

Dryden Vos takes a swing at who we’re going to assume is Han. Here, he misses, but Vos is surely not done with him yet. Could this whip be the origin of Han’s famous chin scar?

Indeed, it might be a stretch, but Harrison Ford’s real-life scar was given an explanation in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Maybe it’s about time Han gets a canonical reason for its existence. Plus, it’d be a neat way for Paul Bettany’s Vos to engrave a new piece of history on 1977’s original film. –Danny O’Brien

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Solo: A Star Wars Story – Through a series of daring escapades, Han Solo meets his future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian.


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