First Full Look At STARFIRE On DC’s ‘TITANS’ Revealed Via Set Photo

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Well, it’s about time. After various images from the set of DC’s Titans leaked the past couple of days, including first looks at Beast Boy and Raven, Starfire is up next. Played by Anna Diop, the alien superhero is set to come to life in live-action form this year, and here’s your first look at the character. Check it out!

Starfire is sporting her signature pink-orange hair and purple costume, but it seems to be a more casual get up. All of the production images so far show the team in pretty simple clothing, this could be due to it being pre-CGI or for select scenes. They’re going for a more classic look for the character, but one may assume there’s a good reason why Beast Boy and Starfire both don’t have their signature green/orange skins respectively.

Personally, I don’t think it looks that great but it wouldn’t be the first time a set photo doesn’t do the look of a superhero justice. This is only one scene from the entire series so I doubt this is their final looks. I think it’s time for DC to come out with official looks at the costumes, similarly to Shazam! suit I think they need to get these out pronto.

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Source: Twitter

DC’s Titans hits DC’s streaming service sometime this year.


1 comments on “First Full Look At STARFIRE On DC’s ‘TITANS’ Revealed Via Set Photo”

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