Randall Park Cast In ‘AQUAMAN’ As DOCTOR SHIN

CORRECTION: Dr. Shin wasn’t added in reshoots but was actually cast a while back, it was only announced now. James Wan confirmed that the “pickups” included filming the scenes with him that was planned months before. Original article follows:

As reshoots are underway for DC’s Aquaman, which is certainly not a bad thing, a new character has been added to the film with Doctor Shin. Freshoff the Boat star Randall Park will be playing Shin and the director himself James Wan confirmed the news via his Twitter.


Randall Park’s inclusion in the DCU this December would at that point mark the second time he’s apart of a cinematic universe. After making his comic-book film debut in Ant-Man and The Wasp this summer, he” then go straight into Atlantis when Christmas rolls around. James Wan’s photo with the actor is cool, but it should be noted fans have noticed that Randall’s piece paper reads “Existence of Superman” on it.

It’s not clear the extent of his role in the film other than he’s playing Doctor Shin, one could assume however it’s not too large as he’s being added only now. In the comics, his role in Arthur Curry’s life has differed over the years. At first, he was a good friend of Tom Curry and helped Arthur with his powers, but later on turned against him when he wouldn’t reveal Atlantis to him. His role in the Aquaman mythos as a whole isn’t that large so I can see how James Wan could change his character a lot to fit the story they are going for.

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Source: Twitter

Aquaman swims into theaters this December 21, 2018.


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