Director Chris McKay Reportedly Being Courted For ‘BORDERLANDS’ Film, Set To Be An R-Rated Action Comedy

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In a world where video game films can’t seemingly break the “mediocre” mold after Tomb Raider and Rampage were met with mixed reviews, it seems like another studio is going to throw their hat in the ring. A new report suggests that a Borderlands film is in the works with Lionsgate eyeing LEGO Batman Director Chris McKay to take the helm.

The news comes from ThatHastagShow, they claim to know some juicy details regarding Lionsgate’s long gestating feature film based on the Borderlands video game franchise. The studio has been developing it since 2009, and now they are planning for it to be their next big franchise post-Hunger Games. Chris McKay has a lot on his plate already with committing to a Nightwing film and also possibly directing Dungeons & Dragons. One could assume that if he chooses to direct Borderlands, he’ll drop D&D for it.

While they are looking for a director, the script is getting some finishing touches; the studio has enlisted writer Oren Uriel (The Cloverfield Paradox) to take over script duties. The approach they are going for is said to be an R-Rated comedy, it’s being described Mad Max: Fury Road meets Guardians of the Galaxy.  If you’re a fan of the video games then this sounds exactly what a Borderlands film should be like, so it’s actually pretty exciting they are moving forward with this.

The report also includes character breakdowns for the film, and it seems like they are pulling straight from the games in this department. From CLAP-TRAP to Jack Dahl, there’s a lot of room to get a very special cast to headline the upcoming film.


Male (30-35)

He’s older, wearier, but not necessarily wiser. You could cut together a lengthy montage of bosses, landlords, and ex-girlfriends all calling him a motherf****. Clay loves his brother Joe and has always looked after him, but has never had faith in his brother’s alien beliefs. After seeing Eva’s powers, Clay questions what he knows and ultimately changes his selfish ways in order to work with the team and save the planet.

EVA – Supporting Lead

Female (25-35)

Piercing grey eyes and a permanent fatalistic smirk. Eva like to play up this “lady of mystery” persona – but really she just doesn’t have a clue who she and refuses to let anyone else figure it out first. As a child, she found it hard to get close to people, particularly on a planet this chaotic. This was all exacerbated when she hit puberty and found herself inexplicably in possession of superpowers (as well as a wicked body tattoo). At the end of the story, Eva finally manages to temper her reckless con-artist proclivities with something substantial — faith in herself. She’ll always be a little wild but she’s no longer beguiling tricks and emotional distance to hide herself away.

CLAP-TRAP – Supporting Lead

Male (Voice Over)

Joe’s one eyed robot that looks like a gas pump on wheels. Clap-Trap was created to be the most helpful, loyal and positive robot built. They came close. He’s needy and self-delusional and desperately wants friends but has a terrible tendency to overcompensate by “negging” potential companions (like calling them “minion”). Clap-trap seems like a lost cause but he may surprise you…

KRIEG – Supporting

Male (30-35)

A “psycho” who immediately falls in love with Eva. He follows her and protects her from any threat and is so persistent that Eva begins to take a liking towards him. Especially because he has a speech problem and only says the random and weird things.

JACK DAHL – Supporting

Male (30-40)

A bloated narcissist, a fearless leader from the rear, a spoiled brat who generally gets everything he wants and when he doesn’t, throws a tantrum worthy of a four-year old meth addict. He blows.


Male (30-50)

Half man, half machine. Picture the Terminator after he’s had some of his skin ripped off. Now unpicture that and picture your eighth grade science teacher with one cyborg eye and a metallic prosthetic arm.

MAD MOXXI – Supporting

Female (40-45)

The buxom, bustiered Madam at the Moxxi Red Light brothel. She aids the team’s quest to find the vault key, helping them escape Roland’s men and devising plans for the attack on Dahl.


Female (30-50)

Knee high boots, fingerless gloves and a pair of green goggle resting on her forehead. Tannis owns a compound out in No Man’s Land that Clay and crew use as a safe haven.

Personally, I’m pretty excited about the prospect of getting a Borderlands film. They are taking their sweet time with it though, so I don’t expect to go into production anytime soon. With that being said, these recent developments point to possibly getting some more concrete info about it.

What do you guys think? Let us know by tweeting us at SuperBroMovies. – Marcos Melendez

Source: ThatHashtagShow


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