‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep18 “Lose Yourself” Recap/Review

4Things get hairy and lines are crossed in this week’s episode of The Flash. Barry has trouble with transporting a dangerous meta so he calls on his super-friend Leo Snart for help. Meanwhile, Cisco becomes suspicious of Harry after the reactivation of Gideon. Let’s dive in and dissect the newest episode of the fourth season.


  The opening of the episode tackle one of the biggest decision a hero must overcome; always try not to kill the villain and in this case DeVoe. Ralph is surprised Barry tells him this since his life is at risk and thinks killing DeVoe is an option. From there we get to Wells’ latest invention, a sonic scepter, which should help take down The Thinker. The worrying part is how Harrison seems to be using the “Thinking Cap” excessively, something no one surely predicted…


One of the final bus-metahuman is on the loose and is able to slip in/out of pocket dimensions. Named the Folded Man, he’ a bit of a hipster, and this leads to a scene with some “mellow” people if you know what I mean. Dibny is actually pretty hilarious in this scene with his subtle remarks, even better is how he and Barry continue their to kill or not to kill convo.  It sets up when Ralph talks Folded Man into opening a pocket dimension to The Thinker’s lair to attempt to kill him and Barry has to stop him.

We get a surprisingly great scene between the two when Ralph argues he would kill to keep his only family (Flash team) safe. Hartley Sawyer delivers his best performance here and I could tell the show was setting up for a huge moment for him later in the episode. The next scene gets pretty crazy when The Thinker sneaks into S.T.A.R. Labs when the Team becomes as gullible as always. DeVoe reaks havoc in the lab and pits Iris against his wife, and Joe against the robot samurai (that he somehow defeats). Harrison Wells also nearly kills himself when trying to power up the Thinking Cap. The main event though is Ralph confronting the T-Rex, in a pretty CG-heavy scene that gave me Spy-Kids 3D vibes, and when he attempts to take down DeVoe himself.

In a very silly way, The Thinker tricks Ralph to thinking he was cuffed, and then proceeds to transfer himself into Dibny’s body. This pretty much kills the character, but I imagine that isn’t the last we see of him. He’s had too large of a presence to go out at this stage. He’s not the only who dies though as the Killer Frost side of Caitlin ceases to exist when she touches The Thinker. But wait there’s more, since he has Ralph’s powers, he can now shapeshift himself to the original self. That’s right Devoe is back for the last couple of episodes and he’s got a fresh cut too.

Overall, this was certainly an improvement over last week’s episode. The heightened drama helped the show go into a more serious route, and it let the funny moments stick out better. There are still some dumb moments like Ralph dying when ignoring when it’s obvious DeVoe is smarter than to just be cuffed. I’m sure he’ll be returning sometime soon, my guess is in the final episode. As a standout character in a very disappointing season, I think it would be a good idea to keep him in the team. As for Harrison Wells, I have a feeling since he’s been exposed to dark matter he may get some powers soon, and possibly become next season’s main villain. He’s also been interacting with Gideon so perhaps he could be the next Reverse Flash or Zoom.

Rating: 7.5/10

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.

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