Ever since Disney and 20th Century Fox went public about their plans to merge studios in an unprecedented multi-billion dollar deal, fans have had one question on their mind… when and how will the Marvel characters previously owned by Fox make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? When Sony and Marvel Studios struck a deal to include Spider-Man in the MCU, fans began imagining and fan-casting the characters who haven’t been involved with the fun of the shared cinematic universe. Characters like Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Deadpool, and Marvel’s first family The Fantastic Four.

According to a new rumor making its way around the internet via ComicGenre and Bleeding Cool, fans will be getting answers to those questions sooner rather than later.

Reportedly, Kevin Feige, the president and CEO or Marvel Studios has been hovering around the characters and creating initial plans on bringing them into the MCU during the franchises fourth phase, which is set to begin immediately after the untitled 4 Avengers movie in 2019.

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Check out the quote from a Brett Andrew of Comic Genre below:

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be the last proper Fox Marvel movie, presumably also the last in that continuity. The crew behind the camera has been thanked for their work but their services will not be needed any longer, as everything is moving to Disney. Apparently, the X-Men being integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a done deal, and merely awaiting the approval of the merger. Kevin Feige is “hoovering up” all of the Fox-Marvel characters, and is already planning for them all to go into Phase 4. This includes the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four. In what capacity and with what actors was not discussed.”

Of course, all of this is still up in the air as the merger between Disney and Fox has to get approval from the United States Government and will likely not be finalized until the summer of 2019.

Take this rumor with a grain of salt for now but it has been confirmed that Fox has been struggling with its recent Marvel projects. X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The New Mutants, and Deadpool 2 have all gone through extensive re-shoots recently and previous X-Men films produced by Fox, with the exception of rated R films like Deadpool and Logan, have been met met with less than desirable reviews from fans and critics alike.

This news would mean that X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which will be released early next year, just might be the last film in the X-Men film franchise, which began back in 2000 with the original X-Men.

What do you think? Will Wolverine, The Thing, and Deadpool fit in with the current or future crop of MCU characters? Will the writers and producers be able to stay true to the characters’ origins from the comic? Let us know what you think @superbromovies and in the comments below.

Source: The Bleeding Cool 



2 comments on “RUMOR: X-MEN, DEADPOOL, & FANTASTIC FOUR Coming To The MCU In Phase 4”

  1. “previous X-Men films produced by Fox, with the exception of rated R films like Deadpool and Logan, have been met met with less than desirable reviews from fans and critics alike.”

    Yeah, because First Class and Days of Future Past didn’t get rave reviews.


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