‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR’ Almost Had a Very Different Ending

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The Russo Brother’s Captain America: Civil War was the MCU’s biggest movie yet at the time. It featured a huge ensemble of heroes and was Tom Holland’s first appearance of Spider-Man. The film had a strong focus on Bucky and Cap and their bond. Later in the movie we find out that Bucky was only one of many winter soldiers.

With the reveal of these other soldiers and their potential, you immediately begin to think that they are now the antagonists of the movie. They can topple governments within a night and no one would know what hit them. All this is revealed as Zemo is on his way to free these soldiers, or so we thought. Upon his arrival, Zemo decides to kill the cyrogenically frozen soldiers, adding an immediate twist.

This wasn’t an original plan however. Although it made room for the epic ending sequence, there was a different route to be taken. Scott Adkins, an actor who was supposed to play one of the Winter Soldiers, recently said in an interview:

Well again they say, you know I was almost in Civil War. There was a part. The, uh, super soldiers, they were meant to be a bigger part of the movie at one point. And I met with the Russos about that, but they decided to lessen those parts and make it more about Captain America and Winter Soldier and Iron Man, right? That fight at the end. So that didn’t happen. I was devastated at the time, but obviously they remembered me and Doctor Strange came up.

This could have been a completely different movie it seems. Maybe a huge brawl between the Winter Soldiers and the heroes would have happened? That would have been one crazy spectacle. Due to the Russo’s wanting to focus more on the hero vs. hero aspect, this idea was left on the cutting floor. It’s hard to be disappointed with what we were given, but an alternate version would have been neat to see!

What are your thoughts on this alternate sequence? Would you have liked to seen something like this happen? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies!

– JB Baker

Source – Empire


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