STRANGER THINGS Season 3 To Start Filming This Week; Director Talks Season 4 and 5

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It feels like Stranger Things’ presense has dominated pop culture for years now. The Netflix series isn’t stopping anytime soon as shooting for the first four episodes of season 3 was just announced. Speaking with Collider, series producer and director Shawn Levy gave many details on the upcoming season. First off, they will start filming new episodes this Monday, April 23.


Levy went on to explain how their creative process works. Similar to last season, show creators the Duffer Brothers will direct episodes 1 and 2, while Levy will direct the third and fourth episodes. During the production process of the first four episodes, the Duffer Brothers will write the rest of the season. Beyond those episodes, Levy also revealed that the total episode count will differ from season 3. “It’s not a huge surprise,” Levy said, “there’s eight episodes, so there’s a very limited number of slots available” referring to director positions.


One director who will not return in season 3 is Hollywood director, Andrew Stanton. A Pixar legend, Stanton has previously directed Finding Nemo, WALL-E, Finding Dory, as well as episodes 5 and 6 of Stranger Things season 2.  Shawn Levy said they “very much hope to keep him in the director club of Stranger Things as we move on to other seasons. Season Four is definitely happening. There’s very much the possibility of a season beyond that one, that’s currently undecided.”

That is a lot of info to unpack from a short interview. Are you disappointed in the fewer episodes next season? Are you pushing for a season 5? Tweet us @superbromovies – Cole

Source: Collider

Stranger Things and Stranger Things 2 are now streaming on Netflix. Stranger Things season 3 will release on Netflix in late 2019.


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