DC Seemingly Rounds Out the ‘SHAZAM!’ Family with the Additions of Michelle Borth, Adam Brody And More

Recently, several new additions to the cast of Shazam! seem to show the film will include adult versions of the Shazam Family, new reports seem to have figured out who is playing whom.

These additions are actors likely playing the adult Shazam versions of their child counterparts alongside Zackary Levi as Shazam. Billy Batson, played by, has the ability to transform into Shazam by saying the (literally) magic word. At one point in the comics, his foster siblings and friends got powers too, meaning they also became the adult versions of themselves (just as Billy Batson does).

Shazam was originally called Captain Marvel in the comics and only recently (with Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s New 52 Shazam comic) did Shazam become the main name. Due to the MCU’s upcoming Captain Marvel movie, DC is sticking with the title of Shazam for the hero to avoid confusion. It is likely the rest of the Marvel family will go along with the name change.

Michelle Borth (Hawaii Five-O) could be playing Mary Marvel, a sidekick and teammate to Captain Marvel/Shazam. The younger counterpart will be played by Grace Fulton.

Related image

Adam Brody, known for The OC and Jennifer’s Body, has joined the cast, possibly playing Freddie Freeman. Brody’s child counterpart will be played by Jack Dylan Grazer (IT).

Adam Brody

Ross Butler from Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why could be the Eugene Choi, whose child counterpart is played by Ian Chen from Fresh Off the Boat. In the New 52 Shazam comic, Choi’s powers mainly revolve around his ability to control technology.

Ross Butler

DJ Cotrona (GI Joe: Retaliation) has also been cast and could be playing the adult version of Pedro, another of Billy Batson’s friends and foster siblings. Jovan Armand from Girl Flue is playing the child version of Pedro.

DJ Cotrona

Meagan Good (Friday and Think Like a Man) has also joined the cast and is possibly playing the adult version of Darla Dudley, whose child counterpart will be played by Faithe Herman (This is Us).

Meagan Good


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Source: ScreenRant, Michelle Borth’s Instagram, DCFilmsHub, MrWillWong

Shazam! releases in theaters on April 5th, 2019.

Shazam!– A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word.

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