‘INFINITY WAR’ Writer Christopher Markus Doesn’t Think Bucky Should Become CAPTAIN AMERICA

Ever since Sebastian Stan joined the MCU as Bucky Barnes back in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, fans have been eager to see Cap’s oldest friend suit up as as the Sentinel of Liberty, succeeding Steve Rogers as one of Marvel’s most legendary heroes. After making a villainous return in The Winter Soldier, Bucky’s finally starting to come around again, fighting side by side with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Infinity War. Some might say that Bucky has earned the right to step into the shoes of Captain America, but there are some who aren’t exactly keen on the idea, including Infinity War’s co-writer, Christopher Markus.

Speaking with ScreenRant, Markus elaborated on exactly why he doesn’t feel the need see Bucky don the iconic stars and stripes.

I will say, just on a fan level, I think Winter Soldier’s so awesome that I’m always like, why are you wasting Winter Solider and putting him in a Captain America outfit? You had two heroes, now you got one.”

Barnes did eventually become Captain America in the comics, following in the footsteps of his best friend and honoring him in the process. Black Panther’s post-credits scene implies that Bucky has dropped the Winter Soldier mantle, and is instead using the name “White Wolf.” Captain America himself, Chris Evans, has stated that the still untitled Avengers 4 will be his final time playing the character, and it may not be long until someone else suits up as the red, white and blue hero.

How do you feel about Bucky taking over the role of Captain America? Sound off in the comments below, or head on over to our Twitter @SuperBroMovies.

Danny O’Brien

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.

Avengers: Infinity War – “An unprecedented cinematic journey ten years in the making and spanning the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War brings to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time. The Avengers and their super hero allies must willing to sacrifice it all in an attempt to defeat the power of Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.”

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